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Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pain

We are in an epidemic of chronic pain and disease. Since being studied in 1994, the number of Americans experiencing chronic pain has risen from 1 in 7 to 1 in 3.5 and is now affecting over 100 million of us. We are taking more pharmaceuticals (including opiates) and are having more surgeries yet studies show that our pain is only getting worse. 

One of the major changes we have undergone in the last 25 years is what we do to the food we eat. There is more processing, modification, and additive changes made to our food than ever before. Many of these changes can negatively alter the health of our gut and microbiome, which ultimately affects our immune system. 

Evidence continues to mount showing that the root cause for many painful conditions may be related to gut health, our immune system, and systemic inflammation. A Functional Nutrition practitioner understands how to identify and treat your specific dietary and nutritional needs to help improve your pain. 

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