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The Neubie

The Neubie Device

The Neubie, which stands for Neuro-Bio-Electrical Stimulator, is a patented electrical stimulation device that uses Direct Current (DC) instead of Alternating Current (AC) used in other forms of electrical stimulation and TENS units. DC has a powerful and unique effect on healing, repairing, and regenerating the neuromuscular tissues in our body. The Neubie has been shown to improve healing times by 30-70%. 

The Neubie can also directly influence stress levels through what's called the 'Master Reset.' 

Working With Neubie At TruMotion

Working With Neubie At TruMotion

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The Mapping Process

Your first session with the Neubie will involve mapping of 'hot spots' in your body. Hot spots indicate the exact areas of your nerves and muscles that are overactive and in dysfunction. By using the unique mapping process, we are able to identify the exact point of neuromuscular breakdown  with 100% accuracy.

Neubie Treatment

Pads will be placed on your hot spots and the Neubie will be switched from 'mapping' to 'training' mode. While performing exercises using specific protocols, the Neubie will help retrain and repair your neuromuscular system. 

Benefits Include

  • Maintaining or increasing range of motion

  • Increasing local blood circulation

  • Neuromuscular Re-education

  • Preventing atrophy

  • Reducing Spasms

  • Preventing venous thrombosis after surgery

  • Management or relief of chronic pain

  • Management of post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain

Who Uses The Neubie